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Nokia Lebanon is a leader in the cellular market in Lebanon. Ever since the introduction of the cellular to the Lebanese Market, Nokia Lebanon has taken the largest share, and it is still dominating today this market, in spite of all the competition and at the top of the current Apple iPhone craze, and the previous Blackberry market penetration.

Why a Nokia Lebanon website?

The Nokia Lebanon Service and after-sale support is one of a kind, and this is mainly what gave Nokia its success, and allowed it that large market penetration. But online, Nokia Lebanon doesn’t have an official presence. There is a facebook page about Nokia Lebanon, but this is not sufficient, and this is the main reason why we decided to create a Nokia Lebanon website, where users can check the latest models available in Lebanon, without having to go through the official worldwide Nokia site and filtering through lots of models, to check what is available in Lebanon. Furthermore, Nokia website doesn’t allow online purchases from its site, and we decided at Nokia Lebanon to give our readers that option.

Nokia Lebanon Models

As you may know, cellular phone companies usually create models specific for a given market, and thus you may find online models that you have never seen around, and some models may even not work with the Lebanese cell lines providers. At Nokia Lebanon, we tell you everything about the Nokia products, the products available, those that cannot work in Lebanon, the Nokia price in Lebanon of the various available models, and the price variation over time.

Nokia Price in Lebanon

Usually when a product is first introduced to the market, its price is the highest possible, and its reliability the lowest. In the case of Nokia, although the price of the product introduction may be higher at its first market contact, it is still well studied, and the rule concerning reliability doesn’t apply at all: Nokia Lebanon products are 100% reliable as soon as they are introduced to the market, defects are nearly non existent, and because of the reliability of Nokia distributors in Lebanon and their after-sales support, and because of the existence of loads of specialists in Nokia products service, you will never likely encounter any problem with your Nokia cellular.

Nokia Lebanon will be publishing every week the latest Nokia Prices in Lebanon, and you can subscribe to Nokia Lebanon newsletter or website feed to receive the Price List automatically. This Price list will include the common prices you can find at most Nokia retailers shops around the country, but it will also include special prices available only online for Nokia Lebanon readers.

Nokia Lebanon Website Additional Services

Our first one of a kind service is that we will allow our readers to order their Nokia cell phone online, and we will deliver it anywhere within Lebanon. This way, you will have all the technical information about Nokia cell phones in Lebanon, the best possible prices for the models, and you can get the phone delivered to your door.

In addition to our special prices available only to our readers online, we will be publishing regularly special offers on specific Nokia Models.
Also, we intend to make our Nokia Lebanon website a portal for all Nokia users in Lebanon, and we will provide them with free applications, and tips and tricks about their cellulars.

Also, Nokia Lebanon website fans will have the opportunity to share their experiences and their reviews about their Nokia phones, either through the website or through our accessory Nokia Lebanon Page.

Finally, in the near future, we will be allowing our readers to post their used Nokia products for sale through our portal, and we may also evaluate your used cell phone model and promote it for you.

Nokia Lebanon Message

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Nokia Lebanon

Fore more information about Nokia, check the official Nokia website at Nokia.

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Nokia Lumia 900 Lebanon Review

Introducing the Nokia Lumia 900 in Lebanon

Nokia Lumia 900 Lebanon

Nokia Lumia 900 Lebanon

Nokia Lumia 900, along with other Nokia Lumia Models including the Lumia 800, 808 and 820, is available in Lebanon from 2 different sources: The Nokia Agent in Lebanon, and the other distributors. While it’s always safer to buy your smart cellular through the official agent, you may wonder sometimes if it’s worth it spending more than 200$ difference in price to get the 1 year warranty that the agent offers, knowing that Nokia Cells in general are quite reliable, and present very little problems, especially when out of the box.

The Nokia Lumia 900 Price in Lebanon is $600 if bought through cell stores with the official agent warranty, and it costs around $400 if bought without the agent warranty.

Nokia Lumia 900 Features:

Nokia Lumia 900, while not the first Windows iphone in the market, is very attractive as a phone due to its large screen size and amazing features. It gathers the know-how and experience of two giants (Nokia and Microsoft), and while waiting for the Nokia Lumia 920 to hit the Lebanese market bundles with Windows 8, The Lumia 900 is one of the best alternatives available today in the Lebanese market. While using the Nokia Lumia 900, the following features are what attracted me the most:

- The large screen display with the amazing large animated icons of the Windows 7.5. Everything is moving on the screen in front of you, and that is quite refreshing from the dull old icons of the best smart phones in the market, and sooner or later, these will become the next trend in the field

- The innovative contacts merging from all imaginable sources. Before I inserted the SIM card in the phone and copied my contacts from the older phone, by connecting to my email, facebook and twitter accounts, I already had a list of contacts in my phone: An animated list, always changing, always showing the latest happening with that contact in Facebook, the latest photos associated with that contact: That’s quite innovative as opposed to the old way of searching for contacts

- The integration with the xBox Live gaming platform

- The great Nokia Maps, Drive and Local Scout applications not available elsewhere

The only downside to the Nokia Lumia 900 is its poor 8MP camera and its limited 16GB capacity. For me the screen display is acceptable in terms of resolution, even though the coming Lumia 920 will have a much better resolution, but the camera lacks sharpness and needs some twisting in the settings to make acceptable photos.

Nokia and Microsoft and Windows Phones Future

With around 100,000 applications available on the market for Windows Phone, which is the fifth of the applications available under other platforms like iOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung), Windows Phones are still behind, and this explains the lag in terms of Phone popularity, and currently the merged effort of Nokia / Microsoft to take a portion of the smart phone market is still giving very reduced results, in spite of the excellent platform, and the innovations introduced. Nonetheless, it’s a real pleasure to have the Nokia Lumia 900, and to know that you are playing with tools that will be available on other smart phones within one year at least.

What’s coming next with the Nokia Lumia 920

In addition to the revolutionary features outlined above, the Nokia Lumia 920 will come with additional innovative features like wireless charging, a screen resolution similar to that of the latest iPhone 5, and Windows 8 with variable sized icons on the display. We will inform you as soon as the Lumia 920 hits the Lebanese market, meanwhile, stay tuned to Nokia Lebanon. For the latest prices of Nokia Cells in Lebanon, available through Nokia Lebanon website, check Nokia Prices in Lebanon.

Nokia Lebanon Prices – December 2012

Nokia Lebanon Latest Prices

Please notice that these prices are exclusive to Nokia Lebanon Website Readers, and that you are not likely to find them anywhere else.

New Prices

Nokia Lebanon Latest Prices

Compare Nokia Lebanon Website Prices with normal prices available at Cellular Stores:

To order, please contact 76-002283 or email us at All cellulars are guaranteed to work. We deliver anywhere in greater Beirut, but please allow us 24 hours for delivery.

Nokia Model Our Price Price at Cellular Stores
Nokia C3 $105 $150
Nokia C6 $225 $275
Nokia C7 $285 $345
Nokia N8 Finland $340 $420
Nokia N9 Finland $395 $495
Nokia Lumia 610 $200 $325
Nokia Lumia 710 $235 $375
Nokia Lumia 800 $315 $450
Nokia Lumia 820 $600 N/A
Nokia Lumia 808 $485 $700
Nokia Lumia 900 $415 $600

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